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SHI's Advanced Training Seminars take your macrobiotic learning to a deeper level. The emphasis is always on topics that will enable experienced macrobiotic practitioners to apply their advanced knowledge to practical, current issues.

Among key topical areas covered are such things as the latest domestic and international health concerns and the role macrobiotics can play in addressing these; or becoming more proficient in the ancient art of “oriental diagnosis”, which alone provides significant illumination on many of today’s maladies; or how to mentor those who seek macrobiotic health and lifestyle guidance.

Continuing Macrobiotic Education seminars are directed to both those who want to maintain and hone their macrobiotic skills as well as to those who want to become professional macrobiotic counselors, teachers, or chefs. These programs bring together the rich experience of many macrobiotic practitioners, current scientific and medical research, and an expert faculty. Denny Waxman is the primary instructor for all the Continuing Macrobiotic Education Programs. Experts in topics specific to Continuing Macrobiotic Education Programs are invited for presentations or open-forum discussions.

Our ATS will now follow a new format; it will consist of 3 lectures, 1 Cooking Class, and 1 Shiatsu Class.

We will use the format from the CCP with topics and level of study suitable for an Advanced Training Seminar.

The format will include the following topics:

  • Macrobiotic Philosophy:
    The Unifying Principle in Macrobiotics and Modern Life with Denny

  • Workshop on "Refining your cooking skills" with Susan.
    Complete hands on workshop so bring your knives, cutting boards and aprons.

  • Developing shiatsu: with Patrick (Elemental Shiatsu)
    ~ Identifying the prominent body areas associated with each of the 5 transformations
    ~ Shiatsu technique designed to alleviate the most common problems of each body system
    ~ The "GO-TO" tsubos that deliver the relief desired)

  • Healthcare:
    Is there a healing diet and cooking in macrobiotics? With Denny

  • Macrobiotic Diagnosis:
    Vibrational Diagnosis, Seeing direction and destiny with Denny


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program DATES FOR  2011 and 2012

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Advanced training seminars


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Here's what people had to say about the Advanced Training Seminar:

My friends and I came away more refreshed, inspired and invigorated than we could have imagined ... We are set right again, full of gratitude to Denny, Susan and the SHI.

Denny, you are a wealth of knowledge- I'm honored that you share your wisdom. Susan is always a breath of fresh air- The food is consistently excellent, the hands on cooking portion of the program was very educational and helpful, especially at building confidence in the kitchen.
—Sheryl Fernandez, Dedrickstown, NJ

It is very refreshing to be involved in SHI classes again. The weekend was full of stimulating and useful discussions as well as the usual insights. It was especially satisfying to reunite with friends from other areas for cooking, eating, sharing and supporting each other. Patrick Riley was very active in his teaching with lots of useful perspective on transformations and balance/imbalance in the body. My comprehension has increased by this approach.
—Carol Schultz, Philadelphia, PA

Denny's insight is unparalleled. Even more incredible, he is so generous in sharing his lifetime of wisdom. Attending his school is a life changing experience. Weather your a beginner or more advanced you can find plenty of valuable insights, practical tips and new knowledge in Denny's classes. He's the Master of Macrobiotics. Susan's Energy is amazing! Although I'm told I'm a pretty good cook, Susan was able to teach me plenty of additional ways to refine my cooking. Susan really gets our energy moving in the morning with Do-In and stretching exercises- its a "mini lesson" on meridians. I also learned a tremendous amount from Patrick. Meridians have always been a bit of a mystery to me, but he made the lesson simple and accessible. He gave us plenty of practical and useful information we can use to treat clients or even ourselves.
—Marcia Berry - New York, NY

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