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Despite the enormous resources spent on health care, the overall health of Americans is declining. In 1997 Denny Waxman founded the Strengthening Health Institute and formed it into a not-for-profit in 2002 in an effort to turn the tide back toward health. The mission of the Strengthening Health Institute is to provide educational programs that lead individuals to a healthy lifestyle creating lasting health.

For the past thirty years, Denny Waxman has provided personal health consultations giving guidance to those recovering from a wide variety of health problems. He has witnessed the dietary and lifestyle practices that move people away from or toward health. Drawing upon this knowledge base and a talent for teaching and writing, he launched the Strengthening Health Institute to educate and publish information to help others achieve true health.

The Strengthening Health Institute, through its educational programs, provides clear, accurate information about the dietary and lifestyle practices essential for strong health.

Strengthening Health is an orderly approach to eating and living. It is based on creating healthy eating habits (format of meals), and diet (content or food choices, and quality within the meal). SEE THE 7 STEPS


The Strengthening Health Institute offers three types of educational programs:

Five Day Intensive, Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon, on varying topics are offered at regular intervals during the course of a year. This is the foundation course for all other macrobiotic education. LEARN MORE

A Comprehensive Certificate Program offers in-depth study of all aspects of macrobiotics. The next program begins Jan 2009 and will conclude Nov. 2009. Classes meet for 10 weekends and one 5-day seminar. LEARN MORE

Continuing Macrobiotic Education offers ongoing learning opportunities for students who have a strong foundation in macrobiotics through personal practice and completion of formal study (e.g., SHI Comprehensive Certificate Program, Kushi Institute Levels, etc.) LEARN MORE


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SHI educates and provides clear, accurate information to help others achieve true health

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